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It feels wierd being a high school graduate. It seems so surreal. I… - Serena's Asylum [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 22nd, 2006|09:47 pm]
It feels wierd being a high school graduate. It seems so surreal. I havn't got to party out yet..so I'm waiting with anticipation! Not that it's really all that appealing anymore... Lately I don't understand what I saw in all that stuff. Yes, I had fun but now it's just burden to my schedule. Maybe that's why I feel so boring...I mean that's all my days consisted of. I felt like myself when I was on everything, now I'm just an aggitated, tired, and angry girl. Don't get me wrong, I'm beginning to get more confortable with those feelings considering I rarely showed them to anyone outside my family and that's an improvement from the shy, isolated, push-over Serena, but I don't want to be percieved as a bitch!

So yeah, Christmas is in a couple of days...I spent all my money on gifts and have a whopping 17 bucks to my gas and food till Wednesday! It's exciting yes! I'm going to Pima in January. I made my plan of study and I'm actually looking foward to the experience. Psychology sounds good for now, but we'll see if that changes anytime soon. I don't know what to write in here haha. flkdjfjdflkjdakjsda caca jfdkfjafjkdjfkldj fuck you falkjdfldjfajfdlfj lick nuts lajdjfkldjfklajfdj blah!