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Wow, I didn't realize I was away from livejournal for so long. I've… - Serena's Asylum [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 22nd, 2006|02:02 am]
Wow, I didn't realize I was away from livejournal for so long. I've become a Myspace junkie..and I have betrayed you oh precious journal. Anyway, looks like I'm going on vacation. Melissa said she wants to try and go to Disneyland in the beginning of August which I'm looking foward to! Lately I'm up to the same old stuff; working and being a fatass. Work has been fun these past couple of days. I finally feel like I have a place there. I guess you can say much hasn't changed because I'm still the Serena who wants people to love her and wants to make everyone happy. I'm still with Aulee. Things are getting fairly serious and emotional...but I won't lie, I havn't had this much sex ever lol. So I'm just a happy, wierd, old navy kid.

Robert's still mad at me for the most obsurd reason known to man. So no band practice...and no ciggarettes :( I could apologize and patch things up but I'm going to be stubborn and not do that.

Speaking of patching things up, Sai and I had a blowout. That crazy woman punched me in the face last month! If she wasn't pregnant I would have hit her back. You just don't escape drama around here. We're still not talking. Everything went to shit between us after that. Everyone's expecting me to go and run back to her but that's not how it's going to be this time. I'm tired of being taken advantage of and coming to people when they should be coming to me. It's not my fucking fault she got knocked up and can't party-hardy. TOUGH SHIT. But we'll see if anything changes when it comes time for the baby to be born. Right now I say I don't want to be there when she has it (because that was the original plan) but I don't know how I'll feel when the time comes, taking into consideration that she might want me there. But honestly, I feel like shit not having my best friend around. I miss her, sad to say.

Other than that my life is just dandy. School starts soon...so I'll be preoccupied a little more. I'm looking foward to graduating and going to Pima full-time. I think I'm really falling for Aulee.

From: msbrightside727
2006-08-02 12:02 am (UTC)


I read your story in Drug_Stories about your cousin and that fat ass line....and I'm best friends with my cousin also(although he's male...imma chick) and 3 days ago we got a 40 of coke, and half a gram of ice....we did 1 bump each and got to the house smoked a bowl of dope(ice) and then he snorted a fat line, i snorted half of what he put out for me and let him snort the other half (my 1st time really doing good coke...not his...im an ice head not a coke head) and then we smoked another bowl of dope(ice) and he got *SICK* as hell...gladly,someone very experienced in the drug world was there and helped him get it together..after about 2 & 1/2 hours of throwing up & drinking water and having a head ache..he was okay....we smoked a joint...about 3 hours later we were just sitting around talking and he just fell back and turned RED and his pupils got HUGE and he started SHAKING and it was *NOT* him....he was honestly possessed by *something* because that was NOT him...we got him into the bathroom...and got him in the tub and after about 45 minutes to an hour of cold water and screaming his name....he came back to 'life' .... I was *so* scared and I blamed my self...it was my shit, i paid for it, i asked him if he wanted to do it with me....blah blahblah....and now he's done w/coke..and im very glad...

Just thought i would let ya know...you're definitly not the only one!
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